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Pacific Life Teen Program
Troubled Teen

Our Unique Program Approach

Our mission is to provide a place in which your teen becomes self-disciplined, self-reliant (not relying on others to dictate or modify behavior), goal-oriented and more confident. Some students have problems in school, some may have experimented with substances, and all are struggling with negative attitudes and behaviors. These teens need structure to develop self-discipline.

PLP Provides Teens With:

  • The ability to manage behavioral & emotional problems
  • College-oriented academic curriculum
  • A more mature level of personal responsibility
  • Better communication skills with parents & others
  • The self-esteem necessary to avoid negative influences
  • Motivation to set & achieve positive life-long goals

To accomplish these goals, students receive guidance daily, and evaluations weekly in order to maintain accomplishment in certain areas and understand their need for improvement in others. Goals for each student are established in collaboration with parents; they must be measurable and attainable.

By the time they leave Pacific Life Program, students will have demonstrated their progress in being responsible, confident, and mature. PLP students reach their objectives in less time (compared to other teen programs) for three important reasons: our individualized approach, consistent family involvement, and our unique philosophy. This leads to a very smooth and successful transition back into the home environment, with long-lasting effects.

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Parent Testimonial

A Day In PLP

It’s a Tuesday morning at Pacific Life Program and Brooke wakes up at 7:50 am. She makes her bed and gets ready for her day; she puts on her sports gear and heads out to breakfast. Brooke has a Denver Omelet, with two pieces of toast and a glass of milk...

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