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Pacific Life Teen Program
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Academic Program

We are partnered with Forest Trail Academy, which is a Nationally Accredited school system. Your son/daughter will benefit from one-on-one educational support, and our students are engaged in studies for approximately 30 hours a week. The school day is broken up into manageable time segments, with breaks and activities, so students have the advantage of better focus and motivation.


  • Catch up Or re-take failed courses
  • 80% or higher required to pass a course
  • Opportunity to graduate earlier compared to public school
  • Personalized academic curriculum
  • Excellent solution for students with ADHD / IEPs
  • College-Oriented
  • Nationally accredited
  • Parents can monitor daily progress online

In many cases students don't like school because they are unssuccesful, yet here student are successful and therefore motivated to achieve academic excellence. Our staff are skilled and experienced professionals prepared to help teens complete their courses.


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Student Testimonial

A Day In PLP

It’s a Tuesday morning at Pacific Life Program and Brooke wakes up at 7:50 am. She makes her bed and gets ready for her day; she puts on her sports gear and heads out to breakfast. Brooke has a Denver Omelet, with two pieces of toast and a glass of milk...

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