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Pacific Life Teen Program

Is Your Teen?

  • Disregarding adult authority
  • Choosing negative influences
  • Making bad choices
  • Performing poorly in school
  • ADHD or has Anxiety disorder
  • Angry / having mood swings
  • Depressed / Unmotivated
  • Experiencing low self-esteem
  • Running away / defiant
  • Immature

About Us

Pacific Life Program Group Therapy
Pacific Life Program is a Therapeutic Boarding School working with struggling teens with behavioral issues in a positive, yet structured and discipline-driven environment. Our role is to educate your child about their attitudes and...


Pacific Life Program Equine Therapy
Our mission is to provide a place in which your teen becomes self-disciplined, self-reliant, and goal-oriented with more confidence. Some students have problems in school, struggling with negative attitudes and behaviors...

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A Day In PLP

It’s a Tuesday morning at Pacific Life Program and Brooke wakes up at 7:50 am. She makes her bed and gets ready for her day; she puts on her sports gear and heads out to breakfast. Brooke has a Denver Omelet, with two pieces of toast and a glass of milk...

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